Xr Duo

Xr Duo

Our two-station laser hardening solution up to 8KW laser power.
Developed by Talens

The Xr Duo is a machine designed to offer our customers the highest flexibility and productivity. It includes two laser stations to give a proper response to the high volume demands of the different industries for laser heat treatment processes.

It can be configured to process different syzes and types of parts: gears, crankshafts, transmission components, camshafts…

Compact machine design.

Optimized flexibility.

  • Model change with zero changeover through CNC program adjustment.

Independent units.

  • Parts can be processed and load/unloaded independently on both stations.

Scalable investment / volume.

Easy access for maintenance.

  • Access doors to the 3-axis units, and both stations.
  • Wheeled laser supply units.

Environmentally friendly.

  • Pneumatic and electrical connection. No hydraulics needed.

Low secondary times.

  • Laser units used approx. 90% of the cycle.
Xr Duo

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