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Our one-station laser hardening solution up to 8KW laser power.
In collaboration with Talens

The Xr is a machine designed to offer our customers the highest flexibility. It includes one laser station to harden multiple parts just by changing the Talens part program.

It can be configured to process different syzes and types of parts: gears, crankshafts, transmission components, camshafts…

Compact machine design.

Optimized flexibility.

  • Model change with zero changeover through CNC program adjustment.

Independent units.

  • Parts can be processed and load/unloaded independently on both stations.

Scalable investment / volume.

Easy access for maintenance.

  • Access doors to the 3-axis units, and both stations.
  • Wheeled laser supply units.

Environmentally friendly.

  • Pneumatic and electrical connection. No hydraulics needed.

Low secondary times.

  • Laser units used approx. 90% of the cycle.

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