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Training & production support

Build the workforce for the future.

Workforce training

Reducing the skill gap that keeps you from achieving your productivity goals.

Training plans

We offer standard training plans divided in modules oriented to different areas of expertise. We can also offer customized training plans, adapted to your specifics needs.

Production support

We provide support during the start of production, and can also assist during the setup of new parts or new production conditions. Throughout this process, your workforce will benefit from hands-on learning at the machine.

Workforce training

We aim to help organizations reach their full potential by reducing the skill gap that keeps them from achieving their productivity goals. Our content offerings are aimed to improve machine availability rate and increase service life.

Experiential learning
Learning only happens when trainees experience real work and visualize themselves hands on machine.

Problem solving oriented
It is important to prepare the skilled workforce to be able to face any adverse situation and give them the tools to solve it

Collaborative learning addresses challenges and solves problems. Sharing past experiences between technicians makes everyone´s job easier because people understand the why – and not just the what.

For any level of knowledge, production scenario and business growth objectives

Workforce training

Increasing availability through Training

Benefits: Our trainings are problem solving oriented, collaborative and flexible. 

Production support

Etxetar Service experts provide support during initial start-up, and can also assist during the setup of new parts or new production conditions.  Throughout this process, employees can benefit from hands-on learning at the machine.

During production supervision and start-up support, any questions your employees have can be answered by our experts on site. This service will provide your employees with new experiences, routine and reliability during the production process – eliminating uncertainty that can sometimes occur during new development.

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